Handling Instructions


「流氷硝子」製品の原料である廃蛍光灯リサイクルガラス 「エコピリカ」は、「耐熱ガラス」「強化ガラス」ではありません





Handling Instructions for Ryuhyo Museum Glass Products

Our products, which are made from Eco-Pirika, the raw glass material revamped from discarded fluorescent lamps, is not heat-resistant nor is it tempered.
Avoid sudden temperature changes such as usage with boiling water or rapid cooling. Please also be aware that our products cannot be used in dishwashers, dryers, ovens, microwave ovens, on induction cooktops or over open flames.

Our products are handmade one by one
The unique differences in color, pattern, shape and size, make every piece a one-of-a-kind piece of work.

Handmade glassware is extremely delicate
Our products may be damaged by impact with other hard objects or when accidently dropped. To clean, gently handwash with a soft sponge. Avoid cleaning with abrasive products such as steel wool pads, abrasive sponges and cleansers as they may damage our products.

We collect our Eco-Pirika glass products to be recycled
If you no longer use our product or if the product becomes unusable, please bring or send the item back to the Ryuhyo Glass Museum. You do not have to go through any troublesome procedures. We will handle all of the work for recycling our products to obtain our goal in creating a circular economy.

●If you experience itching, rash or other unpleasant symptoms when using our products that contain metal parts, please discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
●The strings on certain products may fade or fray due to friction or moisture.
●Products containing luminescent material will emit light again when held up to sunlight.
●Please note that products with full-color printing are sensitive to scratching and organic solvents.